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The other component is consumer behavior, measured by mobile phone collection for refurbishment and recycling relative to group revenue. Until recently, telco CEOs have been reluctant to make sustainability a top strategic priority, seeing it as a cost topic best left to internal sustainability departments. But in fact, sustainability is a strategic topic with substantial potential returns in terms of savings and new product offerings that CEOs need to own. To gain insight into these issues, BCG launched its Telco Sustainability Index, which zeroes in on how to measure sustainability and what steps are necessary to implement a sustainability approach for the entire business. We provide top services for world-class clients, from start-ups to companies of all sizes.

We integrate Artificial Intelligence Solutions to automate critical business processes for your telecom organization. We incorporate virtual assistant solutions, Robotic Process Automation software, network monitoring software, and network optimization tools to boost overall efficiency and automation. It helps to stay on top of all innovation and advance technologies, like cloud computing, machine learning and the use of big data. We chose EPAM Anywhere Business to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application.

From content management systems to enterprise resource planning software, we have an IT solution out there to help your business save time and stay profitable. Our teams work with cloud-based telecom solutions and customize communication products for business needs. There is a need to mitigate the potential threat that quantum computing could pose to the security of customer data in the telecommunications industry. This requires upgrading security mechanisms as public key cryptography is expected to be impacted by quantum computing. Angoka is a British startup providing hardware solutions for managing cybersecurity risks inherent in M2M communication networks.

Dedicated Development Teams

The company understands the pain points like high costs, coverage outages, poor customer service, and billing disputes. And they develop and deliver solutions addressing the pain points of customers. Scand – Provides robust, scalable, and secure telecom solutions to improve customer service.

telecom solutions development

For a higher security level, quantum keys are used in combination with Phio TX over any type of data transmission. Further, Phio TX requires low infrastructure, which is beneficial for companies looking to bolster security. Accelerate the rollout of a new generation of telecommunications services by migrating to a cloud-native architecture and leveraging a microservices-based approach. Cover all your corporate telecommunication needs with telecom API integration or building custom telecom solutions. Puresoftware builds and implements custom solutions for top telecom companies to ensure business growth. Their solutions include video conference platforms, mobile apps with video conferencing, and other advanced functionality.

In reaction to all these dynamics, most telco companies have begun to put environmental sustainability policies in place. BCG X disrupts the present and creates the future by building bold new tech products, services, and businesses. We have enough knowledge about the latest tools for building and testing anything that can benefit your company. We have worked with multiple businesses across several industries and helped with developing cutting-edge solutions that met their unique needs, objectives, service, and particular vision. OSS are the other major component of your infrastructure since they help you manage your networks. These systems provide you with management functions that cover network inventory and configuration, service provisioning, and fault management, among others.

Software Outsourcing

Besides, we carry out extensive testing phases to ensure that those features are robust enough for you. Software Development Services Accelerate your tech projects with outsourced development. Explore the possibility to hire a dedicated R&D team that helps your company to digital media software scale product development. We approached BelITsoft with a concept, and they were able to convert it into a multi-platform software solution. Their team members are skilled, agile and attached to their work, all of which paid dividends as our software grew in complexity.

telecom solutions development

Combining deep business analysis with telecom DevOps services on the mission of improving the efficiency of telecom network management companies can see business results really fast. EPAM’s Anywhere Business platform is here to provide you with vetted developers of any caliber. In today’s increasingly digital environment, business applications require high-performing and extensive networking operations. Particularly for cloud computing, it is essential for businesses to deploy, manage, and support connectivity across a variety of environments. Typically, complex tools are required to build and manage modern software-defined networking technology. Some vendors only provide solutions that work on their equipment, which then limits the extent of communications capabilities.

Telephony Servicing Solutions

Our expertise in telecom enterprise software development allows companies to make a leap in business growth. By working with well-skilled developers we find for our clients, they increase their productivity with the use of innovative technology and cloud computing. Dedicated teams of telecom software devs tailor custom solutions that your business needs, support, and maintain them, as well as cover every part of telecommunications, including performance analysis and management. Cloud computing is a fast-growing technology trend within telecommunications.

According to the client’s request, an outdated PHP-based solution was transformed into a full-fledged one with the help of Angular 5. The system allows users to manage their utility services, monitor the status of bills, download payment receipts in PDF, and change current mobile tariffs. By using the capabilities of the Liferay platform, our developers implemented a consolidated intranet that allowed employees to easily access its content and reduce time spent on finding and updating documents. Also, by leveraging the portlets concept and microservices architecture, we enriched users’ experience, enabling people to share and watch videos, audio, and photos. Having worked with Belitsoft as a service provider, I must say that I’m very pleased with the company’s policy.

Mobilunity has a proven track of providing companies in this industry with dedicated engineers who are ready to offer high-quality telecom software development no matter how complex tasks can be. Futurism develops and delivers telecom solutions to improve operational efficiency, time to market, innovation, and business objectives of customers. N-iX offers an array of tech-rich solutions to industry leaders in the telecom industry. The company aims to deliver advanced technology-enabled solutions with a smooth customer experience. Customer Enablement.Once a telco has an environmental sustainability approach in place to address its own footprint, it can begin to help other industries cut down their emissions.

telecom solutions development

Our experts build, order, and manage all the telecom-related digital services, tariffs, and packages in one place as well as offer automated payment processing, debtor management, and data verification. Telecom software development is a constantly growing industry as well as FinTech software development. The main reason is that the telecom industry helps companies to go global, increase their audience, and bring the services that customers want. It is all about globalization, which wouldn’t be as rapid as it is without the advanced communication technologies. It is hard to imagine the modern world without the internet and all types of custom online solutions. At BairesDev we know for a fact that coming up with specialized tools can be a challenge.

Business Support Systems (BSS)

In addition, telcos can significantly reduce the carbon intensity of data centers they own by consolidating or optimizing cooling, as well as by digital innovation. For example, Google applies machine learning using neural networks to predict and then optimize energy consumption at data centers. Besides energy efficiency, telcos could help companies save energy by replacing high carbon physical products and activities with virtual low carbon equivalents (a.k.a. dematerialization).

  • Outsourcing telecom tasks helps a company to concentrate on the quality of products and services they provide, while devs care about increasing customer experience.
  • We work with our industry-specific expertise and multi-technological proficiency so that our clients fully benefit from modern telecom software services.
  • All of that is combined with the enterprise-level IT experts that can provide high quality and value through and through, regardless of the product or architecture you’re imagining.
  • For instance, our software development teams can create a mobile charging and billing application that will let your clients have instant access to their plans.
  • The BairesDev team has the expertise to create tailor-made telecom solutions to support your OSS.

Elinext – Provides services to startups, small businesses, and extensive communication companies around the globe. Today, you have many companies offering software services to customers worldwide. And this makes it challenging to find the right company for your unique needs. The telecom provider opted for our services to develop a solution that would help overcome difficulties in communication and coordination of their staff. The main challenge was in bringing all the employees into one place with easy access and real-time information. Services, implementation of self-service tools for customers, functionality for efficient employee collaboration, and much more can be successfully developed at Aimprosoft.

Integration with business support systems (BSS)

I visited Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023 to discuss the impacts of 5G, intelligent automation, hybrid cloud, quantum computing, and diversity and inclusion on enterprises and telecommunications service providers. Connectivity technologies are constantly evolving and include both wired and wireless communications. The development of communications technology is critical in today’s IT environment, with increasing data volumes, IoT devices, and people using the internet. Further, users increasingly share high-quality digital data, such as videos, photos, and music. All of these factors, along with the increasing use of satellite communications, contribute to the emerging telecom trends with innovation in connectivity technologies.

Tree Map reveals the Impact of the Top 10 Telecom Industry Trends

Whether it comes to providing team augmentation services or filling gaps in time zone and location differences, we will make sure that any request can be fulfilled without any delays and misunderstandings. Armed with the value case, current baseline, and improvement levers, a telco should then set specific actionable targets for each step in the value chain. Is a must for any company, enterprise, or startup, regardless of their industries. That’s why more and more businesses are hiring software development companies to design telecommunication apps that perfectly align with their practices, strategies, and corporate objectives.

Telecom Software Solutions We Develop

The 3 custom services described above cover everything you need related to telecommunications. Working with the Top 1% of Tech Talent allows us to provide you with the services you need to scale up your company’s communications. We have proven experience in all kinds of telecom applications, from the implementation of cloud-based technologies to the creation of a tailor-made application for enterprise clients.

The client came to our telecom software development company to develop a corporate mobile app that would encompass features of a task manager, chat, blog, and newsfeed. We develop solutions to improve customer service, manage content, and track and analyze customer behavior. Additionally, we can help Media & Telecom businesses to automate processes, improve operational efficiency, and better manage their networks. The Andersen telecom development team can apply the latest frameworks, most effective cloud computing infrastructures and platforms, big data tools, and databases to match your goals.

Spanish startup N3uron develops highly customizable Industrial IoT and supervisory control and data acquisition software solutions to empower organizations to efficiently collect data. One of the startup’s multiple integrated software modules, MQTT, uses special data-transfer protocols to connect thousands of field devices to any cloud or SCADA system. N3uron software runs on multiple operating systems and hardware without affecting performance. Moreover, the software’s built-in networking security and data integrity checks follow industry standards of data formats. All of this allows companies to efficiently create and operate IIoT device networks. IoT devices and sensors influence almost all industries of the technology economy.

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